With so many TV Wall Mounts out there, it can be very difficult trying to pinpoint what it is you’re looking for. We understand this and that’s why we write our TV Wall Mount Reviews and Comparison. Our team researches wall mounts, even the ones we have used personally in order to give you the best information available on the web. Bringing our personal experiences as well as the experiences of real-life customers is what makes our website stand out from the rest.

TV Wall Mount
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Cheetah TV Mounts ALAMLB

- Comes with easy-to-understand instructions and Magnetic Bubble Level so you can easily swap TVs as needed.
- Compatible with VESA 100 and 200, so you can easily find a match.
- Can easily hold up to 65lbs so you know your TV won't be going anywhere.
- The 180 degree tilt is great for those times when you need to view your set from a different area in the room quickly.
- Customer service is on the ball so if you do run into any problems along the way, you won't be waiting long.
- Mount leans forward when used with TVs closer to 65 pounds.
- Covers ports on some TVs.
This wall mount works great for sets weighing less than 65lbs, if you don't mind a little bit of a forward lean. I personally always buy mounts that can hold much more than the size of my set to avoid this problem.
VideoSecu Tilt

- Even if your TV weighs 160lbs, this mount will keep your TV in place and safe from falling.
- A smart design that fits with most 32-55inch televisions.
- Has an opening in the back for your cables to easily fit through.
- This heavy duty steel is not going to let you down and will last you a very long time.
- Can easily adjust without the need of tools every time.
- Instructions fail to tell you what all pieces are for, beginners will be a bit confused.A great mount for those heavy sets. This thing can hold up to 160lbs while still giving you a 15 degree tilt if you want it. The instructions are a little confusing for a beginner, but nothing that a quick call to customer service can't fix.

- Great for most 10-40 inch TVs even with it's small design.
- Bubble Level is built in, for very easy installation.
- Can swivel 30 degrees while tilting 15 degrees so you can get the best view.
- Many adjustment options to accommodate for TVs with various shapes and sizes.
- Tough installation due to poor instructions.
- Doesn't come with very good tools, so you'll probably want to use your own.
While this wall mount works great for most people, some won't like the installation process because it's a bit complicated.
Peerless PA740

- Beautiful design that looks great with most sets.
- Arm can extend over 15"" and retract 2.93 inches, giving you a great viewing experience.
- Cable management helps you keep call your chords out of the way.
- 15 degrees and -5 degrees of tilt so you can customize how you watch your TV.
- Works great for sets 22""-40"", so if you have more than one set.
- Only uses 2 screws on the mount, which worries some customers that their TVs may fall.This mount is a really great buy, has a beautiful design and works great for most people. It's very sturdy and keeps your cables out of the way; which is great.
VideoSecu Articulating

- Only weighs 30lbs so this mount is easy to install on your own.
- Fits with most 37-55"" Plasma and LCD TVs and comes with free HDMI cable.
- Mount screws to the wall and the monitor, giving you comfort knowing your TV is supported.
- Can support up to 165lbs, so most sets are going to work.
- Adjustable for backward and forward tilting as well as 160 degree.
- 2inch screws work alright, but bigger ones would be better for extra support in the long run.This wall mount is extremely light weight and great keeping all of your cables out of the way, as well as holding TVs up to 165lbs.
Cheetah HDTV Mounts APDAM2B

- Tough mount that weighs over 30lbs and can hold up to 180lbs.
- Made from steel, so you know your TV will be safe.
- Extremely easy setup, with all hardware included.
- Allows you to swivel 120 degrees and tilt 15 degrees in both directions.
- Up to 6 cables can easily fit through mount, giving you a better overall look.
- Many complaints from customers saying they couldn't get the TV level and had to buy additional hardware.A great mount that works wonderfully for most people. Great price, great design. If you are unhappy with the hardware that comes with this mount.
Sanus VMPL50B VisionMount

- Universal flat-panel TV mount so you can rest assured most sets are working great with this mount.
- Made from heavy-gauge steel, so you know your TV is going to stay in place.
- No mounting plates are required, making installation simple.
- Comes with a 5 year warranty, just in case anything goes wrong.
- Installation instructions could be better. They are tough for beginners.
- There have been reports of screws breaking.
This mount may be a bit on the pricey side, but it comes with a 5 year warranty and works on most sets.
Digicom Tilting TV Mount

- TV mount allows your television to be 3 inches fromt the wall, saving you space.
- Large, supportive back plate so you know your TV is protected.
- Works with 40inches and as big as 70inches, so you can use this mount for more than one type of TV in your home and switch if/when needed.
- A company you can trust, at a price you'll love.
- Instructions are pretty difficult to figure out if you are a beginner.If you have a TV between 40" and 70", then this is a great mount for you. It's large, supportive and leaves you plenty of space in your bedroom.
Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B

- Great for all LED, LCD and Plasma models
- Works for TVs between 32"" and 55"", which is great when you have TVs of various sizes.
- Can hold TVs up to 160lbs, so you know your TV is stable and steady.
- Able to tilt 15 degrees downward, so no matter what your setup is like.
- Lightweight, at 9 pounds so very easy to install alone.
- Instructions are tricky for beginners, but most people are able to figure this out on their own.Great mount for most people who have LED, LCD or Plasma sets between 32 and 55 inches, that weight up to 160 pounds.

We are not here to sell you anything or deceive you into thinking one product is better than the other. If there is a wall mount feature that simply isn’t working for many customers, we are going to tell you all about it. If there is something that not only we love about a specific wall mount, but customers around the world love as well, we will make sure you know that, too. Our goal is to make your search much shorter so you can get what you need, and move on with your life.