How to Improve Your High Definition Viewing Experience on an HDTV

Have you ever noticed when you go shopping for a high definition television the picture never looks quite as sharp and beautiful as it did in the retail display when you get it home? There are a number of reasons for this, some of which include picture settings which are adjusted to meet the lighting requirements of the retail display area, contrast adjustments which are meant to catch your eye as you walk by, the angle at which you view the picture in the store, and much more.

Once you unpack your television in your home environment you tend to wish the picture looked like it did on the retail display. The good news is whether you are tech savvy or not, there are a few simple tips you can learn which will help you to discover how to improve the high definition viewing experience once you have the HDTV setup in your living room.

Use Compatible Devices

If you setup a high definition television but you are still using older DVD players and other devices in your home entertainment system, you may not receive the most out of the 1080p high definition resolution included in your television. Keep in mind when you upgrade your television it may also be necessary to replace some of the peripherals attached to your home entertainment system.

Calibrate Your TV

When you purchase your HDTV it will either be set at the factory default settings which may not be the optimal settings for your living room environment. Also, if you purchased a display model it is likely the settings are configured to capture the eye of shoppers in the retail display area.

The good news is you can calibrate the television settings to make the most of the high definition display in your living room. You can choose to calibrate your television for the time of day when you watch programming the most (day or night) or change the settings to accommodate daytime or nighttime viewing.

If you are unsure of how to adjust the settings when you calibrate your high definition television you can purchase a calibration disc which will assist you with getting the settings adjusted properly. The disc can be purchased at any electronics store and is less expensive than hiring a calibration expert to come in and adjust the settings for you.

Upgrade Your Cables

If you are using traditional analog cables you will have difficulty getting true high definition quality from your HDTV. Upgrading to a high definition television will mean upgrading your cables to take full advantage of the 1080p high definition quality. Typically HDTVs are equipped with analog cables however it does not cost much more to purchase and install digital HD cables.

Use Controlled Lighting

If possible, install a switch in your home entertainment area which allows you to control the amount of lighting in the room. You will get the best high definition viewing experience in low lighting conditions however; installing a control will allow you to adjust the lighting more than you would be able to using a conventional light switch.


Some of the newer high definition televisions are equipped with backlighting however; if you happen to have an HDTV which does not have backlighting you can still create it to improve your viewing experience. By placing a light source in back of your TV you can help to improve the contrast in your high definition unit. The lighting is known as bias lighting and can be purchased from any supplier of professional lighting designed for electronic units such as your HDTV.

These are five easy ways you can improve your high definition viewing experience with an HDTV. Each method we have described here is not difficult to accomplish and will help you to get the most out of watching home entertainment in 1080p high definition resolution.


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