Pandigital Novel Review – Digital Book Reader PRD07T10WWH7

Ereaders have become one of the most popular technologies. Not only do they make your book collection more organized but they allow you to read just about anywhere. Remember the days when you had to carry your books in your purse or bag and they either got bent, something spilled on them or simply took up way too much room? Those are all things of the past. eReaders are changing how we read and how often we read. There are many great options out there, but lets focus on the Pandigital Novel – book reader – Android – 1 GB – 7″ today.

With 2 gigs of memory at your disposal, you are going to have plenty of room for all your favorite books.Having hundreds of books available at your fingertips makes it hard to select what to read next. And I thought it was difficult to choose what to read before. When I first got mine, I was reading hours and hours each day because I was so hooked on this thing! If you ever need more space, you can expand up to 32 gigs. Honestly though; most people wouldn’t ever reach that limit. Typically people delete books from the device when they’re done reading. Of course, we’d all rather have too much space than not enough.

Of course, you have the most popular features: Wi-Fi, USB, built-in speakers and a headphone jack. If you’re ever on the go but can’t seem to keep your mind off your favorite book, you can let your Pandigital Novel read to you. Plus, you can view most documents on this device so you never miss out on an opportunity to keep up with work or school.

My favorite thing about all the latest technologies is the fact that just about every product you buy these days comes with Wi-Fi. It’s so great to be able to access the internet on everything. Even devices that you wouldn’t expect to have Wi-Fi have it and while I didn’t get the point at first, its really grown on me. You never know when you might need internet access.

There are a few things that could be better. First off, this eBook is a little too heavy for my taste. It’s portable but would be even more so if it were a bit easier to carry. Not too major though. Another thing I would change is the price. While I love this Reader, it could have been a bit cheaper. There are commonly discounts so if price is an issue, shop around and you’re bound to find something.

All in all, this Pandigital Novel review shows it is  a great device that has made reading readily available to more people, allowing us to enjoy books in ways we never thought possible. I can’t help but be excited for what they come out with next. It seems that every time things get cool and I am sure they can’t become any more awesome, they always do. Never ceases to amaze me.


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