How to Use iPad Shortcuts

The iPad has gained popularity with many people who prefer to remain mobile without having to part from their regular PC activity. Although the iPad does not contain as many features as a traditional laptop or desktop PC, it still offers many nifty shortcuts which help to enhance your iPad experience and streamline routine computing tasks. If you are unfamiliar with some of the shortcuts on the iPad you will enjoy learning about some of these features in this article.

Automatically Erase Data

To increase the security of your iPad in the event it is lost or stolen, you can configure the settings to automatically erase all data following several failed password attempts by an unauthorized user. You can configure it in the Settings panel under the General tab by placing a check mark next to Erase Data in the Passcode Lock feature.

Set the iPad for Multitasking

The iPad contains a few features which allow you to multitask while on the go. In addition to being able to double tap the Home button to view apps which are currently running you can also use the touchpad to move the multitasking feature in order to view other controls. This is easily accomplished by swiping your finger from left to right to gain access to the video and audio controls.

Encrypt iPad Backups

iPad provides a way for you to secure your backup data by using iTunes. All you have to do is open your iPad in iTunes, choose Summary, locate Options, and then place a check in the box next to Encrypt iPad Backup.

Erase WiFi Networks

Sometimes when you access many different WiFi networks while on the go it seems your PC remembers them for life and keeps trying to log on to the network regardless if you are within range or not. If you find this annoying you can go to Settings and choose WiFi and then erase the network under Choose a Network by clicking Forget this Network.

Side Switch Functions

If you are looking for an easy way to control audio alerts or the screen settings on your iPad, the nifty side switch located on the side of your iPad can be configured to easily manipulate the audio functions in addition to changing the screen orientation from portrait to landscape. You can configure these settings by choosing General under Settings, locating Use Side Switch, and the selecting the function you want for the side switch on your iPad.

Typing Shortcuts

There are a few handy shortcuts you can use when typing message on your iPad. One little known shortcut speeds up the process of typing sentences by tapping the spacebar twice to add a period and then a space at the end of every sentence.

The AutoCorrect is another feature which frequently appears when you are typing information and sometimes it can be a help and other times it can be a nuisance. To gain better control over the AutoCorrect feature you can ignore it by finishing each word you type before tapping the suggestion. If you want to use the suggestion by AutoCorrect you can simply select Return as soon as the suggestion appears.

Controlling the Sync Feature

Your iPad contains a feature which allows you to automatically sync your iPad with your PC as soon as you connect it to your PC. To deactivate the automatic syncing feature you can simply hold down the Shift and Ctrl key simultaneously in iTunes as you are connecting your iPad to your PC. This will skip the automatic sync feature for one session only so, you will need to repeat this process the next time you connect your iPad to your PC if you do not want it to use the sync feature.


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