ASUS A52F-XA4 Review

Asus has a pretty great laptop out right now called the ASUS A52F-XA4 that many people haven’t heard about. While it may be a bit pricey when compared to other brands and similar laptops, I think it will meet the needs of many people who need a computer for basic use. It is funny these days; people seem to think they need all sorts of things that they don’t even realize that they will never use. When selecting a laptop, try not to get blown away by all the latest technology because this can end up costing you more in the long run. Like speed for example; so many people want these crazy-fast internet speeds when they don’t even use a fourth of them on a regular basis. It’s so strange.

I hope this helps give you some insight on what you want and what you really should be looking for. Before you go in to purchase, make a list of the things you are in need of. Honestly, when people create that list, just about every single thing they write down; this computer has to offer.

Windows 7 offers you the latest technology with 1 year Accidental Damage Warranty, so you can rest assured that they have your back if anything is to go wrong. The HD Graphics allow you to watch movies like never before and enjoy the internet. The first time I saw one of these laptops on display, I was completely blown away. The picture looks to real. It may not be 3D, but it’s the next best thing, for sure. I could see how someone could get completely lost in their favorite movies; you feel like you’re right there in the action. Keep in mind, this computer is extremely lightweight, so it’s very easy to move from place to place. Take everything on the go with you so you can share pictures with your friends, get worked done when you’re out of the office and so much more.

This ASUS A52F-XA4 is a bit too pricey for many peoples’ tastes and cheaply made which is upsetting in today’s’ market. It seems as if the company was in such a big rush to get the computer ready and out in the market to compete against the competitors that they didn’t verify that everything was up to par first. I’m not sure why, but the volume is extremely low, making it hard to hear if there’s much background noise. In all honesty, the system specs could be better, but they work fine for beginners.

Overall, this ASUS A52F-XA4 is a pretty good computer. It may be a bit pricey and not have all the system specs that people want but it’s not terrible. It has a lot of neat features and it runs pretty well. If I needed another computer, I would probably buy one. As long as you’re not using your computer for really high-tech things that need to be very quick then you should be fine. YouTube, Email, surfing, etc should be just fine.


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