There are hundreds of different brands of laptops and computers that you can get at your convenience. A lot of them are very good, some are very bad. But how do you know which one works best for you and is also highly reliable? Through our laptop comparisons chart 2012, you can easily find out what you are looking for. The Internet is the best place to look for a little market research and you can easily compare prices and brands on the internet. By reading user reviews, you can get a very clear picture of what you need and how to gain it.

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Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349

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- Intel Core 93-2330M Processor 2.2 GHz, 3MB L3 Cache.
- 4G DDR3 and 640GB Serial ATA hard disk drive.
- 15.6 inch widescreen.
- Windows 7.
- Just over 5 pounds.
- 5.75 pounds of battery life.
- Comfortable keyboard.
- Not a very good warranty.
- Keyboard not backlit.
- Kind of thick.
A great laptop for school or work.
Acer AS7741G-6426

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- Stunning screen with beautiful colors.
- Wi-Fi is extremely easy to set up.
- Windows 7's latest technology.
- Beautiful keyboard that is very easy to use.
- Plays the latest games easily.
- Fast RAM, fast processor speed without bottle-necking.
- A bit too large for many customers.
- A little too much on the heavy side.
- No lighting on the keys.
- Could use a better battery life.
This TV is a great choice for someone who's looking for a larger screen and doesn't mind having to charge quite a bit.
Toshiba Portege R835-P56x

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- Beautiful large screen so you can get lost in the action.
- Get the latest technology with Windows 7.
- Turbo Boost Technology, so you can surf faster than ever.
- This computer is so light. You can easily take this anywhere with you.
- Battery life just doesn't cut it.
- Overpriced.
- Many people have been shipped the wrong laptop altogether.
- Webcam not very clear.
This laptop is too expensive. The battery life just isn't up to par. Plus, the webcam isn't as nice as it should be. I'm shocked such a nice brand would try to sell something like this. Other features may be nice, but I'm very disappointed.
Lenovo G570 43347PU

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- Intel 2nd Generation Core i3-2330M Processor.
- 4GB DDR2 with 500GB HDD.
- Integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics.
- Wi-Fi Ready.
- USB port to share you files easily.
- Windows 7 preloaded.
- Not a gaming computer.
- Speakers could be better.
Allows you to get your life moving in a whole new way.

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• Extremely apt for casual usage
• Powerful processor makes for great performance
• Cooling technology is very effective
• Pricing is extremely reasonable
• No sound quality
• Users cannot access high end files and programs
Perfect for domestic use, students and those with a very limited usage of the computer
HP Pavilion DV6-6116NR

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- 15.6 inch screen.
- Only weighs 8 pounds.
- The latest Intel Core i5-2430M Processor 2.4 GHz.
- 4GB DDR3 memory. More than enough storage!
- Bluetooth simplicity.
- HP CoolSense Technology keeps your computer cool.
- Keyboard could be bigger.
- Scratches really easily.
- Many report complications after a year of use.
Keep yourself up to speed even when you're not at home.
Acer Aspire AS5349 2899

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• Fast, steady and clear performance
• Good connectivity with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HDMI ports
• 320 GB hard drive for a massive amount of storage space
• Intel Celeron 1.6 Ghz processor which allows for seamless performance
• Easy to use keyboard with dedicated number panel
• The in-built speakers fail to impress
• There may be problems for accessing very high quality files (such as high end games)
• There may be problems with internet connectivity sometimes if anti-virus is not installed
A great domestic use laptop with is priced reasonably.
Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7330

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• Powerful processor and RAM allow for high quality performance
• High quality dedicated graphics make for a terrific gaming experience
• Connectivity and sharing is extremely simple and up to date
• There are some problems with after sales and support for the 7330
• Some issues may crop up while accessing some of the highest end games and programs
Perfect for the everyday expert with pertinent and extremely powerful performance and usage features.
HP g7-1310us

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• Powerful i3 processor and 6 GB DDR3 RAM gives extremely good performance
• DVD burning and media sharing is very easy
• HDMI inputs and connectivity features are flawless
• No screen resolutions problems despite the big size of the screen
• The dedicated graphics does not support high end gaming and graphics
• The in-built web camera is not upto standards
• There are no keyboard shortcuts for media control (important in a multimedia laptop)
Perfect for those who are proficient with computers and need a good laptop for their multimedia control and access.

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- Together with Windows 7 so you know you have the latest OS.
- 1 year Accidental Damage Warranty, not many laptops offring this.
- HD Graphics gives you a wonderful picture you won't want to stop watching.
- Very light so you can bring your work and fun with you on the go.
- Too expensive for what it offers.
- Cheap, which is upsetting in today's market.
- Volume is too low; making it hard to not get distracted.
- System specs just don't cut it.
This computer is pretty nice. Sure, it's expensive and the specs may not be what people are looking for but it's not completely bad. There are a lot of cool features that work very well.
Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook

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- Beautiful HD display.
- Fast performance with Dual-core processor.
- Backed up onto cloud.
- Wonderful virus protection.
- Even if your computer is lost, your information is safe.
- The touchpad and keypad are cheap.
- No way to turn on cap locks.
- A bit too expensive.
With this price, best for someone who cares about what's on the inside, not so much on the outside.
Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook

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- Chrome-based so to enjoy great internet.
- Dual-Core processor, one of the fastest tablets.
- High resolution screen and no glare.
- Long-live battery (lasts 8.5 hours).
- Only takes 10 seconds to boot.
- Could really use some more apps.
- 100MB limit per month just doesn't make sense.
- Navigation on touch screen is overly complicated.
Could be for someone that really concern on speed rather than user-friendly tablet.
HP Pavilion dm1-3020us

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- Beautiful HD quality.
- Battery life is long; 7 hours.
- Wonderful sound quality.
- Doesn’t overheat like other laptops will.
- Windows7 pre-installed
- Keyboard isn’t lit up.
- CPU isn’t fast enough for gamers.
This is a great laptop for those of you who are looking for a simple computer and don't need all the fancy stuff that increases the price tag.
Dell 14R i14RN4110-8073DBK

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- 2.1 GHz Intel dual-core processor.
- 4 GB of RAM for your disposal.
- Beautifully sized screen.
- HD webcam.
- Weighs only 8.4 pounds.
- Best for basic use.
- Pre-Installed programs slow down the machine.
This laptop is great for your everday use but may not be good for someone who wants a more high quality computer that is great for gaming.

With technology being upgraded almost daily, you have an amazing number of choices to pick from. There was a time when laptop computers were bought by only the most affluent members of the society. Nowadays, every college student possesses a laptop. But how would you know which laptop would work best for you? By the process of comparing laptops, you can easily find out the one that would be most suitable. A new computer is something everyone gets excited about. Be it kids, or teenagers or adults, everyone loves a new computer especially when it is suited perfectly to their needs.

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