The problem with GPS units

No doubt, GPS system is very helpful and it ensures your protection and security if due to some reason you forget the way back to your home or you are travelling in some place where you find difficulties to locate a place.  GPS device is also helpful when you are playing games like golf, athletes running etc but sometimes the problems with GPS units can occur which can put you in trouble again.

As we know that GPS system is connected through satellites. There are about fifty satellites around the globe that are creating signals for people to locate the destinations but for using this device, you need to be in range of signals generated by at least three satellites and if you are outside the boundaries of signal range, your device can not work which is the problem with GPS systems more or less people are facing.


GPS system first sends a message to the satellite, this satellite then count the time of signal arrival and compare it with the time when satellite transmit signal itself. And after comparing time with atomic clock and time of the other satellites sending and receiving signals. On basis of these times, the GPS system determines the exact location where you are travelling. This procedure can sometimes cause you a trouble if some satellite is not working properly creating the problem with GPS device. So you need some proper guidance before you start using your device. The accuracy of the signal depends upon the time at which it is delivered and if the time in the GPS device is not working or it is turned off, you can be in trouble. But the time counter is not the big issue related to satellite and GPS, but the problem with GPS arises when the signals pass through different atmosphere to reach the satellite.

Some where they can pass quickly and somewhere they get slower which can create a difference in the timings and the area you need to locate can have slightly difference. This usually happens when signal passes through mountains, skyscrapers, and some high terrain areas. These places can distort the signal to reach the right destination along with some atmospheric affects on the signals.

Another problem related to the satellite of GPS occurs when the satellites update its location. This happen after every twelve minutes and if the signal is sent between this time period, the information returned by satellite can misguide you. These are some major errors that are really difficult to avoid by the GPS based systems and devices but we cannot say that information they are sending is not accurate and proper. They are working very well as everything has some positive and negative aspects and so the GPS system have but it is a better than all other available resources which works as guiding the locations. And if you have idea about how to use this device correctly, you may never feel any disturbance in the working of GPS devices.


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